Up and rising Venezuelan/Spanish songwriter and singer Grant Torres, after having Googled Tri Nguyen, contacted him to propose a collaboration for his next single. Six months after their first contact, VIENTO came to life. It is the story of travel, of love, of hope, of peace. IA story of communion between people from South America to Europe and to Asia. The Vietnamese dan tranh intertwines with the Spanish guitar, with harmonies from Europe and rhythms from Africa. A story that is sung both in Spanish and Vietnamese!

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Một lần nữa, nhạc của Trí Nguyễn lọt vào vòng chung kết của giải thưởng quốc tế Independent Music Awards 2019, sẽ diễn ra tại New York-USA. Lần nầy, bài single “The Fourth Hour”, là sừ cộng tác giữa nhạc sĩ người Ý Roberto Diana và Trí Nguyễn, được bình chòn trong mục “Best Instrumental Song”.

ARC Music Productions, a branch of Naxos International, has just released a compilation of Tri Nguyen’s first 3 albums.
This compilation has since received encouraging reviews from around the globe and has been aired on international radios: BBC 3-UK, Concerzender FM-Netherlands, M21-Spain… and entered # 10 CFBX FM-Canada chart in World Music category.
Elsewhere magazine
Moor Magazine
More to come for other projects in the making!

Last year, Roberto, an outstanding Sardinian/Italian musician, and I, had our albums selected for the first round of the 60th Grammys. We ran into each other’s music, listened, and decided that after the voting season, we would begin working together. It was “music at first sight” for both of us. We’ve just released our first single together, and full album will be out before the end of the year. More to come, more to share with you! Click to listen here!

Tháng hai 2018. Beyond Borders, Album thứ ba của nhạc sĩ Trí Nguyễn tranh giải cùng bốn albums quốc tế trong hạng mục World Beat của giải Independant Music Awards danh tiếng tại Mỹ. Đây là lần đầu tiên một album của một nghệ sĩ Việt Nam được đề cử trong giải này.

Mini Album “A Journey Between Worlds” sẽ xin ra mắt với quí vị ngày 27/05/2016


About the EP : A Journey Between Worlds

A musical odyssey from the Mekong to the Mediterranean

On my first album, “Consonnances” I attempted to bring together two of the world’s great musical traditions: the western string quartet and the Vietnamese zither; two tradictions that have spanned the centuries.
For my nex recording “A Journey Between Worlds”, I am joined by the extraordinary oud player QaÏs Saadi. In doing so, i am bringing together two musical styles that have never met before! Just as in “Consonnances”, I have set out to create a new type of music, fuding vietnamese instruments and melodies and modes with foreign musical styles. I am doing this because of my own bi-cultural upbringing – and because I want people to know about Vietnamese music! Not just as a museum piece or something to be heard at ethnic festivals, but a living music that people can feel, and identify with regardless of frontiers, borders, nationality or race. So what better way to accomplish this than with meeting and performing with musicians from different cultures? I hope my musical journey will encourage others to open their ears and hearts and experience the beauty that is possible when strangers become friends through the sacred act of making music.
All the songs on this EP have been inspired by authentic, traditional Vietnamese music, but have been recomposed, recreated and expanded, while retaining the spirit and structure of the original melodies.

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