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“In Zither Master Tri Nguyen, Vietnam has a fine ambassador  …”
Songlines – UK 

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“Grâce à sa sensibilité et son doigté… des notes pareilles à des perles d’eau scintillantes…”
Sud-Ouest – France

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“…has made a point…to develop his formidable zither playing… presenting it to Western audiences.” Gapplegate Music Review – USA

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“Tri Nguyen is a magician who combines worldliness with skilled musicianship.”
 24OurMusic – Canada

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“Tri Nguyen bridges two beautiful music traditions…” 
World Music Central – USA

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“The artist reveals an important message. Music has no borders.
El Cerrito Records/Amazon – USA

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A lucid articulation of traditional Eastern music onto comptemporary Western sensibilities.” 
Akademia Awards – USA

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“Tri Nguyen is a welcome addition to the world of music.”
 Inside World Music – USA

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“A true revolutionary… we might just look back on his incredible work as someone who helpled define an entire generation…” 
Global Music Awards – USA

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 Album    “Consonnances” 

Album Consonnances de Tri Nguyen

 EP “Journey between worlds”

A journey between world

Album “Beyond Borders”


Single “The Fourth Hour”