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Bio : Tri Nguyen. An artist from elsewhere.

Tri begins studying the piano at age five and a half in Vietnam with French-trained teachers. After graduation from the Music Conservatory of Saigon, he continues his studies at the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris with great teachers such as Jacques Lagarde, himself a former student of Marguerite Long and Clara Haskil; then Ramzi Yassa, concert virtuoso trained in Moscow, with whom he discovers the great Russian school.

Born into a literati family in South Vietnam strongly attached to its ancestral culture, his parents believe that studying the piano is not enough for his musical education, and find an old zither master with whom he begins to study the instrument. Zither master Hai Bieu proves to be one of the last musicians belonging to the old school of Vietnamese music.

Tri is the only concert musician in the world to master both the piano and the Vietnamese Zither, called the “dan-tranh” in Vietnam, a thousand year old instrument, revived by Tri’s passionate desire to preserve and promote his ancestral musical heritage.

Backed by his many successes and encouragements from audiences worldwide , Tri Nguyen launched his debut album, “Consonnances “, combining the ancient homeland melodies of the dan-tranh with the Western harmonies of a classical string quartet.

Summer 2015, “Consonnances” received the USA Global Music Award’s Gold Medal for World Music and was chosen as one of the top ten albums of 2015.

May 2016, Tri released his new EP “A Journey Between Worlds”, an exciting new chapter in World Music fusion, combining for the first time the exotic ancient melodies of Vietnam together with the propulsive rhythms and seductive modes of the Arabic Music; an extraordinary musical odyssey from the Mekong to the Maghreb.

Tri released his 3rd album “Beyond Borders” in 2017, where his music reaches out even further to new sounds and musical universes. The dan-tranh once again appears in unexpected fusions such as with Corsican Polyphonic Singers, Scottish Bagpipes etc.

Beyond Borders was selected for the 1st ballot Grammy Awards 2018 and was nominated for the finals in World Beat Category to the 16th IMA 2018 (Independent Music Awards). It won another Gold Medal at the Global Music Awards June 2017.

August 2018, Tri released a single in collaboration with Italian Weissenborn player Roberto Diana. « The Fourth Hour » made its way to the 1st ballot at the 61st Grammy Awards 2019 and was nominated to the finals for the 17th IMA 2019 in New York. The complete album is expected end of July 2019.

February 2019, ARC Music Productions UK, a branch of Naxos International, released a compilation of Tri’s first 3 albums “The Art of the Vietnamese Zither ». Acclaimed worldwide, the album entered radio charts in Canada and the UK.

July 2019, in collaboration with songwriter and singer Grant Torres from Venezuela/Spain, Tri Nguyen co-released another single, « Viento » where the dan-tranh intertwines with the Spanish guitar and Tri sings in Vietnamese alongside Grant who sings in Spanish.

Tri is currently working on different projects simultaneously, with authorities in the music industry such as Argentinian Producer & 2015 Grammy Winner Emilio D. Miler; Weissenborn player Roberto Diana; renowned singer Valerie Ghent from New York, Songwriter/Singer Grant Torres from Venzuela/Spain… and many others from Canada and Vietnam.

Since 2016, Tri is Voting Member of the Academy Awards/NARAS and is a Celebrated Judge at the Global Music Awards since 2018.


Tri Nguyen: Complaints to the Sky in the Falling Dust (Plainte au Ciel d’un Soir)


Tri Nguyen – Edjin Duun (Official)

Let’s talk about the Vietnamese Dan Tranh (Zither) Ep.1






Gold Medal Global Music Awards July 2015 and Fan Favorite http://www.globalmusicawards.com/Winners-July-2015.html

Top 10 album 2015 Global Music Awards http://www.globalmusicawards.com/TopAlbums.html


Gold Medal Global Music Awards June 2017 http://www.globalmusicawards.com/Winners-June-2017.html

Selected for 1st ballot at the 60th Grammy Awards 2018 / Best World Music Album Category

Nominated for the finals at the 16th Independant Music Awards (IMA) 2018 / World Beat Category



For the single THE FOURTH HOUR :

Silver medal Global Music Awards September 2018 / Instrumental category http://www.globalmusicawards.com/Winners-Sept-2018.html

Selected for the 1st ballot at the 61st Grammy Awards 2019 / Best Instrumental Composition Category

Nominated for the finals at the 17th IMA 2019 / Instrumental Song Category http://independentmusicawards.com/17th-independent-music-awards-nominees/#song


Past, present and to be released collaborations with :

– Emilio D. Miler, Producer, 2015 Grammy Winner (album to be released current 2020)

– Bashiri Johnson, legendary percussionist – New York/Brooklyn (album to be released 2020)

– Valerie Ghent, singer – New York (album to be released end of 2020)

– Roberto Diana, Weissenborn Player – Italy (album released end of July 2019)

– Grant Torres, Songwriter /Singer, Venezuela/Spain (single released July 2019, album in the making)

– Graeme Drum, Producer, IMA Winner 2019, Canada (EP in the making)

– Son Mach, violinist/composer, Vietnam (recording sessions scheduled for October 2019 in Vietnam and January 2020 in France).

More to be announced soon…

And I’m still alive !!!

Contact/info :

email : tri0411@gmail

website : https://www.tringuyen.fr/en/

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